Trump Officialy Accepts Republican Nomination

New York billionaire Donald Trump has officially accepted the Republican nomination as US presidential candidate, pledging that he will restore “law and order” in the country, and lead his party back to the White House. In his acceptance speech in the US city of Cleveland a few hours ago, Trump promised to “put America first”, while tearing into his presumptive Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, for her legacy of “death, destruction, terrorism and weakness”.

Trump’s speech, following addresses by his top supporters and fundraisers, as well as by his daughter Ivanka, capped a four-day convention in the US state of Ohio that has exposed anxiety and turmoil within Republican ranks over the party’s nominee. Many Americans oppose Trump’s ascension in US politics, lambasting his controversial campaign statements, including calling Mexican immigrants rapists and drug dealers whom he would deport if elected president.

He has also called for a ban on Muslims from entering the United States. On Wednesday, Trump’s former rival Ted Cruz, delivered a speech at the convention but refused to endorse the nominee, prompting loud boos. It is believed that overseas US allies were closely watching Trump’s address, which came a day after his suggestion that he might not defend America’s NATO partners as president.

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